About Us

For more than forty years in the market, our company has been following the same objective of its foundation: to transform venues into great business opportunities, valuing and adding value to our customers brand. We bring the structure you need to support your strategy. A poetic, but at the same time physical form of sustenance for the materialization of the idea.

Founded in 1976, the company, since its beginnings, stands out for the efficiency and seriousness in the works. Being considered one of the most structured stands lessor of Brazil, the sector meets the demands of its customers with excellence and quality. There is no impossible for us! And this is a motto carried by every employee of the company.

We have more than 40 years of experience in the field. Learning comes beforehand, but consolidation comes in the course of time. For this reason, we all are professionals passionate about work, training the inexperienced one to become a future expert. A company with an advanced head, always thinking about the afterwards, but concentrating on delivering the best here and now.

We work at the pace required for the success that customers so eagerly desire, demand and deserve, and we have the constant anticipation as a differential. In much of the customers’ testimony, we note a standard with regard to the speed in the delivery of the stands. The responsibility for the scenography of your event is ours, and we will do our best to make it a success.


In addition to the entire background structure, the modern machinery for stage construction and a know-how accumulated for more than four decades, there is one more point that differentiates our company from the competition: our dedication. Dedication is not something you can learn, you just have it. Each employee has the structure for a good assignment, for the machinery required and for the knowledge of the methods to make your event a success.

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Over more than four decades, we have accumulated two different types of customers within the event sector. Working directly with agencies for the rental of stands, even directly with the final customer; and with the companies in the organization of all the event’s scenography to be prepared and offered for the fomentation of new business.

We always prefer punctual delivery – before the deadline, by the way. Exceeding expectations within the planned and agreed schedule between company and customer. We serve the most demanding customers both nationally and internationally, and our great focus has always been on the big events and fairs that run in Brazil.

But we do not stand in a comfort zone. Our next goal is to integrate the stage market of great shows and concerts. That way, our business is to be an aid to the customers, as a support, as the right arm. By being the necessary and critical tool for them to materialize what they had thought. Helping, thus, their business thrive.

Our company has a commitment to the customer. We assume all responsibilities, always aiming for ethics and good social relationship. We always cherish for excellence in service and quality in care, and we guarantee the success of the structure necessary for your event to be successful.